Juvenile arthritis – hitting children

Juvenile arthritis (in short JA) refers to the condition that features chronic inflammation of the joints in children. A chronic condition is one wherein the symptoms occurring frequently, over quite long period of time. Generally, juvenile arthritis (JA) affects children under 16 years of age.

However, there are no definite causes of juvenile arthritis (JA) have been identified. Researchers state that this condition is a kind of autoimmune disease. Generally human body’s immune cells identify and attack what they see as foreign encroachers, generally bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Nevertheless, with autoimmune disease, something that causes the immune system to take body’s own cells as foreign invaders. When immune cells and proteins, known as antibodies, gather at the joints, the joint lining turns inflamed and finally causes inflammation (swelling) with stiffness.

There are no sure-fire remedies that can help overcoming such problems. However, it is thought that natural supplements such as Morpheme Arthcare Capsules and Morpheme Sallaki can offer good relief. They sooth the joint and make the movements easier than before. Many healthcare experts favor applying some natural oil such as Morpheme Arthcare oil in order to treat the condition locally.

In many cases, obesity may make arthritic condition worse since the knees, ankles and heels may not able to bear the overweight. In such case, product like Obeslim and Morpheme Guggulu can help reducing the body weight and provide better environment to the weight bearing joints. One has to take care of joints and should avoid junk food, packed/canned foods and foods that have preservatives. Too oily and spicy food is also to be restricted since according to Ayurveda, they all give rise to arthritic condition. One should also avoid going out in cold and should protect the joint from chilly weather. Any cold blow can worsen the arthritic condition as stated in Ayurvedic classical texts.


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