Katie Holmes deprived of rest

All mortals have their own weaknesses. Celebrities are no exception to this rule. Most of them dig the grave of their fame and publicity with those endless boozy stints in nightclubs. Many turn out to be drug addicts. Whichever be the case, they end up being shattered and look gaunt as they near the end of their peak age. But, that is not how the story of Katie Holmes goes. True, she looks gaunt and unhealthy. Drugs or alcohol? Certainly not.

The actress wife of Tom Cruise is finding it hard to cope up with a full time role on New York’s Broadway. She is not just a dedicated actress after all. Being Mrs. Cruise and a mom is a full-time job in itself and is not a kid’s play. The strain of pulling it all together is showing on the thirty-year old star.

The Dawson’s Creek star had taken up the role of Ann Deever in the stage play, ‘All My Sons’ at the Schoenfeld Theatre in October. Though she is no stranger to her role as an accomplished big screen actress, now it seems that her stage debue is taking its toll on her normal youthful grace. Of course, two shows a day is too demanding a task. Apart from that, she needs to care for her two-year-old kid, Suri. One simply cannot expect her to be hale and hearty.

Tom’s wife however does not have to keep up with this exhausting schedule for long. During the Christmas holidays, Tom Cruise is all set to join both wife Katie and son Suri for the celebrations. It is rumored that then she will be able to hand over her domestic reigns over to her healthy looking husband.

Tom Cruise was busy with a promotional tour for his latest movie, Valkyrie. The movie will be made open on the Christmas day in the United States. Tom had apparently shed a few of his extra pounds in order to regain his star looks that propelled him in Top Gun.


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