Kidman calls her kid ‘Sunday Rose’

All are left to wonder why Nicole Kidman gave such a crappy name for her little jewel, Sunday Rose. Apparently, the name of her first biological child owes its origin to her dislike for Scientology. The rumour that is heard in Hollywood is that the name is Kidman’s oblique blow at Scientology. What does ex-husband Tom Cruise say to this move? He is reported to have vowed to take revenge by calling his next child a name that is important to Scientologists. Her fans have not forgotten how heart broken was Nichole Kidman when she disclosed her miscarriage that occurred during her life with Tom Cruise. Sunday Rose is sure to bring proud smiles on the faces of her mommy and daddy dear, Keith Urban. Finally, Nichole has a baby to call as her own.

Sunday, by no doubt, is an important day to Kidman who is a Catholic. It was an important religious day for her until she got involved with Tom Cruise and through him with Scientology as well. Dr. Anthony Kidman, the proud grandfather of Sunday Rose says the name is a tribute to their Australian roots. He says, he recently read an article on a woman named Sunday Reed, who together with her husband John Reed, tries to preserve the art and culture of Australia. He found the name ‘Sunday’ to be a cute one for a lady and mentioned it to Nichole.

Nichole and husband Keith Urban happened to get a direct glimpse of Reed’s work when they visited Art Gallery of New South Wales in order to watch a display of Sidney Nolan’s works. Sidney Nolan is an artist with Australian roots who is also associated with Sunday Reed. As for the baby’s second name, Rose, Nichole has a granny of the same name. However, Sunday Rose was not born on a Sunday. It was on a Monday morning that Nichole gave birth to little Sunday Rose.


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