Knowing and Understanding the Causes of Diabetes Mellitus

Medical science, today, has been capable to explore more in knowing and understanding the causes of diabetes mellitus. In type II diabetes mellitus (NIDDM: non-insulin-dependent diabetes), the pancreas will continue to produce insulin, sometimes even at high than normal level. Nevertheless, the body will develop resistance to this effects that ultimately will result in a relative insulin deficiency.

Type II diabetes can occur in children and adolescents but generally begins after age of thirty and becomes increasingly more common with age. It is said that approximately 15 per cent of people over the age 70 suffer from NIDDM. Obesity is one of the risk factors for type II diabetes as 80 to 90 % of the people with such kind of diabetes have found obese.

Certain races and cultural groups are at increased risks for the diabetes. Since blacks and Hispanics suffer from twofold to threefold increased risks of getting NIDDM or diabetes mellitus. Type II diabetes also found to come from parents and forefathers. Simply put, it may run in families. On the other hand, science like Ayurveda believes that a person with sedentary lifestyle, one who consumes excess sweets suffer from diabetes mellitus. However, in Ayurveda, herbs like turmeric, jambu are to be considered beneficial in treating the condition. Some of the potent herbal medicines such as Diabecon are also believed to be beneficial.

Other less common causes of diabetes mellitus are to have abnormal (high) levels of corticosteroids, pregnancy (medically known as gestational diabetes), certain medications, and some poisons those interfere with the manufacturing or effects of insulin. This all can result in high blood sugar levels. Ayurvedic herbs such as Karela and Amalaki is said to be good brining the sugar level down in the body naturally.
When diabetes mellitus is detected, the health care provider may prescribe modification in eating pattern, weighing control and exercising programs, and even medicines that keep it in check. One should be careful if suffering from diabetes. Regular checkups, diet restriction, regular exercises and taking anti diabetic pills is must to avoid further complications.


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