Lifestyle changes to be made during forties

In this age of extended life expectancies, forties are being described as ‘middle ages’. But a life that circles around career, family, kids and other household activities can really be tiresome.That is why experts call for a shift-over to a healthy routine by the time you cross the forty-age mark.

A person who is past forty should set apart three hours of his or her day daily for exercises. The diet taken should also be a healthy one which is low in fat and lean meat. The intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables should be increased. With long working hours and with one or two kids you might not be having enough time to set apart for yourself. With little time left for household chores, eating out becomes more and more frequent. This certainly is a wrong practise. You can depend on easy- to- cook recipes that are nutritious as well. Foods such as salads, fresh juices, oat meals etc top this list.

It is extremely important that you get plenty of sleep. In fact, your body should be provided with eight hours of sleep. You should also ensure that your bed time is a regularised one. Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. If you find it too hard to find time to go to the gym, do not worry. It is enough if you jog or walk for about twenty minutes a day. Cardiovascular exercises are ideal to be practised in order to keep coronary ailments at bay.

People, who are above forty and less than fifty, should fill half of their meal plate with vegetables, a quarter with lean meat and the remaining with starch. It is not wise to cut down carbs altogether suddenly. Dairy products are found to be essential for the maintaining the bone density of forty plus people, especially women. Those who can not tolerate lactose can stick to soy-based products or even calcium supplements.


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