Lindsay Lohan says ‘NO’ to Playboy spread

Lindsay Lohan claims an enviable position among Hollywood celebrities as an established star who can truly pull off the triple threat mixture of model, actress and singer. The Ugly Betty actress is now in news as she has turned down cradle-robber Hugh Hefner’s offer to appear in an eight-page topless spread. The project was as part of the Playboy’s 55th-anniversary issue. The Hollywood circles are wondering whether the decision has come from her own senses or was Lilo motivated by her adoring friend Samantha Ronson.

It is reported that Hal Lifson, the magazine’s creative consultant said the shoot theme was supposed to be sixties’ sex icon Ann-Margaret and her flick Kitten with a Whip. Lindsay Lohan, no doubt, is an ardent fan of the picture, but is not ready to bare her bosom. She has shown the discretion to realise that it would not be a good move at this point of her career.

Her publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, reasserted that if not for its nudity aspect, she was only too willing to do the cover page for Playboy. While she refused to represent on behalf of the magazine which can boast of long fifty-five years of sexism, she is also denying the luring price money package of $700,000. Her fans are left to wonder the reason behind this decision as they have not forgotten her nude pose for New York magazine back in February. But Lindsay Lohan justifies herself by saying that in that Marilyn Monroe inspired photo shoot she was pretty comfortable even with nudity. She put in her best only to ‘bring it back to life’. That clearly indicates why the twenty-two year old is hesitant to take up Hefner’s project. Lindsay Lohan has, however, made a point clear — she is not simply going to walk down the road again.


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