Lindsay Lohan sued for wild race

Three men Dante Nigro, Ronnie Blake and Jakon Sutter have sued Lindsay Lohan for assault, by accusing her of hoping behind the steering wheel of the sport utility vehicle that they were in. The men said that the intoxicated star took them on crazy ride, as she was apparently chasing her lately -fired assistant. The incident took place along Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway soon after a private party last year. The chase came to an end when assistant’s mother, who was in the vehicle, sought police help complaining that she was being followed.

An “angry and aggressive” Lohan was later arrested and was ‘treated’ with eighty-four minutes of imprisonment. She admitted that hers was an inebriated drive and that she was under the clutches of alcohol and drugs when she commandeered the SUV. Lohan requested to free her from related charges and was willing to enter rehab.

The three men were reportedly taken aback when Lohan suddenly jumped behind their steering wheel.  They apparently “felt surprise, shock, fear and panic at Lohan’s surprising and sudden act.”  The filed lawsuit accuses the star of “false imprisonment and negligence”.

However, her lawyer Ed McPherson, considers the suit to be “absurd”. He strongly feels that the suit does not make any sense at all. Of course, he has every right to wonder why it took one whole year for the men to go to court. Mr. McPherson said that the three men did not get out of the car though they got many opportunities to do so. He dispersed the whole episode by calling it as a mere instance
“of three guys who want to get a lot of headlines and want to make some money.”

These three guys are not the only people who have dragged Lohan to court. A passenger in the car that was being chased by Lohan also has filed suit.


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