Low-carb dieting

The firm decision to reduce the carbohydrate content in your diet is what is most necessary. Once you have decided, there are a few steps which help in giving you a strong start on low-carb dieting. Well begun, is after all, half done.

Becoming properly informed on low carb diets is the first step. Surfing on various popular books, which provide detailed coverage is very important. After going through various expert opinions, you can focus on one that is most suited for your food habits. There are many myths on low carb dieting which should be neglected. Reducing unhealthy carbs in your daily diet is the next step to make. Of course, you can not altogether change your food pattern. One or two things need to be chosen to be changed at a time. Then, the question of what all food materials should be cut down arises. It is important to note that there is no one such low carb diet. Low carb dieting involves the intake of minimum food stuffs with starches and sugars.

If you are not that kind of person who would like to follow a diet pattern set by experts, you can simply follow the “No White Diet”. According to this, you just have to avoid sugars, white flour, white rice, potatoes and if possible, milk too. Discarding white flour means saying “NO” to breads, cakes, donuts and pastas. This step will bring down the consumption of the risky glycemic type carbohydrate. However, white foodstuffs such as cauliflower, tofu and onions are good for your health.

Your diet plan should be appositive one which highlights ‘what you can eat’ and not ‘what you cannot’. During the initial stages of low-carb dieting, go for a simple diet by replacing starch-rich food with vegetables. Instead of pondering over what low carb diet should be taken today, it is advisable to plan a full week of diet menus. Certainly, the first couple of weeks will be difficult as you have switched over to a completely new food pattern. Many a times, you will have to overcome the idea to drop the low-carb plan completely. But, do fight it back as low-carbing has done wonders to many. Taking advice from those who have walked ahead of you will also help. However, in case of severe fatigue it is always better to seek medical help before continuing with your low-carb diet routine.

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