Madonna finalises divorce

It was just a matter of few minutes and the seven-year long relationship ended. Madonna is no longer Guy’s girl. Neither Madonna nor Guy Ritchie was present to hear their case – Ciccone M L v Ritchie G S – being officially declared. Madonna was busy with the final stages of her Sticky and Sweet world tour where as Guy together with sons Rocco and David were at Liverpool, filming Sherlock Holmes.

At the end of a demanding on-set day, Guy did not forget to treat his kids to a fancy meal at near by La Vina restaurant. It was apparently a deal on property, money and access to their kids that led the couple to court. However, Guy, 40, denied that money was a matter of argument. “It dragged on much too long and that had nothing to do with me. But it was never ever about money,” he said.

It is reported that Guy will be able to keep the Punchbowl pub in London’s Mayfair and also his dear Wiltshire estate. He is also entitled to get a cash payment equivalent to the worth of their Marylebone townhouse. This alone is estimated to come to £25million. However, the reports that the film director Ritchie was not interested in money had infuriated the pop queen. It was also rumoured that he wanted to get the divorce case settled as amicably as possible. The fifty-year old Madonna was livid at the thought that the director portrays himself to be a man who does not want a penny, when in reality he is taking away millions.

Apparently, eight-year-old Rocco and three-year-old David Banda, their adopted son, will share their time between their superstar mom and director father. It is reported that Guy was more eager over the access to the kids than the financial side of the case. Twelve-year – old daughter Lourdes will live with her mother alone, as she is from an earlier relationship.


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