Make up tips for teenagers

teenagermakeup Quite often most of us in our teenage times have felt an obsession to look beautiful or handsome, teenage girls in particular. How often have you seen teenage girls spending hours in front of the mirror looking and adorning themselves and experimenting with their looks by trying various types of make up?

It’s the teenage time when the make up and fashion bug bites the teenage girls deeply. The common teenager starts to apply makeup as soon as they are 12-13 years old and the obsession to experiment with their looks particularly comes with an entry into the college.

As a teenager your skin is soft, supple and delicate. It is advisable not to apply heavy or extra make up on your face, as an overdose of makeup may make you look mature and after all too much of anything is not good.

Remember not to crave for that super glam and sexy look as it nullifies your natural beauty.

Light make up and good combination of colors makes teenage make up striking and charming. Also remember not to copy applied make up of other people. Try to create your own style and see what suits best for you.

In make up context, cleansing of face is of utmost importance and especially for acne problems, which is the most common problem among the teenagers.

If you have a normal skin, wash your face 2-3 times a day and avoid using harsh chemicals on your face. Instead use home made and natural products for cleaning purposes.

If your skin is dry, avoid washing the face frequently and use a lotion suited for dry skin. It’s very important to moisturize your skin everyday in the morning as it keeps your skin nourished the whole day.

Remember healthy skin is beautiful skin. For healthy skin eat nutritious food, drink plenty of juices, avoid smoking and always use a sun block cream when you are outdoors.

You can use a good foundation to cover the basic blemishes in the skin before applying a make up. However it is not necessary to use foundation as it may block the pores in the skin.

Instead use a corrector for red stains in the skin. You can use a tooth brush to brush your eyebrows. Use a gray pencil to align your eyelashes. Use a radiance blush to provide your cheeks a little color.


2 thoughts on “Make up tips for teenagers

  1. Fran says:

    i am 12 and started using make up a about 6 months ago after encouragement from a close and trusted friend . My mum agreed and set me on the right tracks. However i am a twin – unidentical but she does not wear make up infact she is more into football than looks…..i go to an all girls school which adds extra pressure to look pretty i dont use foundation ……. but i have spots on my forehead i dont use any makeup on my face but i did have a block fringe just before the spots started to appear i do think the fringe may have brought these on so i have grown it out (not for this reason alone) i was wondering whether i should use a daily cream or face wash and see whether this helps ……… i am aware that most teens develop spots as a part of growing up ……… i want some advice maybe of a good cream or simple ways to try to clear these spots up as they are coming more visible ……. please offer some advice

  2. Bellla says:

    To Fran :
    Darling i am 15 and have had bad skin since i was your age
    Mine are not too bad, some spots pop up every now and then, but instead of being obsessive about it i have learnt how to treat them.
    There is no “cure” for spots but i do think fringes dont help. I had a front fringe to help hide mine a couple of years back and as soon as i grew it out, my skin was visibly better.
    Also makeup, i stopped using foundation last year, i still use makeup, concealer, powder, bronzer sometimes but since stopping using foundation i have had so many people telling me how good my skins become. Avoid excessive makeup,. Boys have told me that if a girl has a spot, and disgusies it with heavy makeup, it draws more attention to it then just leaving it be.
    Personally, if i have white heads i do pop them, but they do sometimes leave scars so its up to you.
    Products im reccomending may only be available in the UK but ill say them anyway
    Clean and Clear: AMAZING, cheap brand with a wide range of skin care products. I use their washes only! My fav is blackhead clearing scrubs 😉
    Boots, or any sort of tea tree oil spot stick is amazing! My friends all use it. Its like a wand with tea treee oil. Apply a bit of it on your spot before bed and in the morning, it is sooo much better
    I used to think spots took over my life, but now i am so much more comfortable in my own skin. Sure, id love to have an amazing complexion but its not going to happen. Look after your skin, wash it every night, take off ANY makeup and your skin will improve. Trust me. xxx

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