Make up tips for thirty-plus women

In your thirties? Your face is sure to remind you of the impending old age. Slowly, the youthful radiance is giving way to aging signs such crow’s feet and fine wrinkles. So, make-up should be done in such a way that all such irregularities are levelled. You need to start using a slightly heavier foundation in order to tone down the palette of colours chosen by you.

You should always cleanse your face well and then pat it dry with a towel. If your skin is dry in nature it should be frequently treated with an adequate moisturizer.

If you happen to have red spots or blemishes, use a good concealer. Apply the concealer only on those areas that you would like to hide and then pat lightly with your fingers in order to blend it properly.

Slight foundation can be applied on the forehead, cheeks and chin together with the concealer if in case you need a stronger coverage. Always ensure that no area on your face is left unblended. The foundation should be blended onto the hairline and jawline.

It is always better to choose a translucent powder. Go for a powder shade that goes well with the particular foundation. As you apply mascara, always hold the brush parallel to your eyelid. The brush should then be rolled slowly beneath the upper lashes in order to separate them. If they do not get separated naturally, an eyelash comb can be employed. Always allow the first layer to get dried completely before applying the next coat.

A deep eye shadow shade should be applied to the lids. The shade should be applied more heavily on outer edges if your eyes are placed close together. They should be applied more heavily towards the inner eye if your eyes are widely spaced.

If you have thin lips, it is advisable to line your lips with a proper lip-liner just outside your lip line. If your lips are fuller, apply lip-liner inside the natural lip-line.


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