Male Pregnancy

Male pregnancy refers to the incubation one or more embryos or fetuses by the male of any species. Almost all pregnancies in the animal kingdom are carried by female organisms.

In all heterogamous species, the males produce the spermatozoa and rarely, if ever, host the zygote.

OK. So this isn’t new news… But I’m willing to bet there are a bunch of people out there who don’t read Time Magazine. So here it is. And it’s fascinating! This is why I became a doctor (for weird shit, of course!).

My last post introduced the concept of extra-uterine pregnancy. So, is male pregnancy possible? Time magazine seems to think so…

Now, my position on this first of all (scroll down if you really must see the picture). As a women’s rights activist (mostly), I don’t think that men should throw down the corporate life and take up the child bearing role. Firstly, as a Doctor, I believe that it is extremely dangerous and you risk the life of not only the fetus, but also of the father.

Implantation has to be in a good place (where the hell might that be in a man?! – Andy) giving a good supply of blood to the fetus… and at the same time not harming the father. Believe it or not, the liver is not a good place (when the placenta detaches, the liver could bleed out… it gets messy!).

There are a LOT of variables that Doctors have to get extremely right to make this safe.

Secondly, I don’t know whether I believe that men should have to go through the extremely artificial physiological process required to have a baby. Any man wishing this on himself would have to be pumped with the right hormones to keep the fetus alive. What long lasting effects will this have on his body? How is this going to affect his emotions? God. Can you imagine a man PMS’ing? They can barely handle flu as it is.

Which brings me to my final (emotional – because I can) point. Do men have the nurturing emotional capability to go through pregnancy? I know a lot of girls wouldn’t appear to have the traits. Then they get pregnant – and everything changes. I don’t’ know why, I can’t explain it – but I think at least a good portion of it is encoded into our DNA as genetically historic child-bearers!
Can open. Worms everywhere.

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