Managing preteen stress

Stress, can generally be described as the uncomfortable feeling that arises when you are worried, angry, frustrated, scared or overwhelmed. Though the root cause of stress will be emotional, stress can directly influence both body and mind. It is a widely accepted notion that children are not influenced by stress. This is most untrue. Stress makes its presence felt in children from a variety of sources. It can be from parents, from friends and even from their own thoughts.

There are certain situations or contexts in which kids feel pressure stressing down on them.
Witnessing parents argue, being pressured to do something like smoking, worrying about neighbourhood or world problems, not being good enough at sports, figuring out how to be independent, and worrying about how their body changes, feeling guilty etc are a few such situations.

However, stress can not be always considered as a negative factor. Stress makes us tougher and emotionally stronger to face real life situations. We learn how to react at times of emergency. A little stress acts as a motivator and makes us work harder.

The major problem is that children find it difficulty to mange stress effectively. They deal with stress in a wrong manner and end up by making a huge mess. Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol etc are a few anchors that teenagers find solace in their urge to escape from stress. But, these choices provide only temporary relief and do more harm than good in the long run. The result is that you end up even more stressed.

There are a few tips that help such kids in managing stress effectively. Making priority lists on daily basis is one such thing. This will provide a systematic order to one’s routine and at the same time checks procrastination which is the ‘thief’ of time. Exercising daily for half an hour or practising yoga will also help kids to focus more. Taking a warm bath and having a cup of hot chocolate will also help kids to calm their nerves during times of stress. Cultivating interest in hobbies such as reading and gardening will also take them miles in stress relief. It is the responsibility of parents to include more vitamin and protein providers in daily diet when their children are burdened with additional projects in school. Parents should respect their child’s feelings and then they are sure to get it back.


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  1. patricia Mauritzson says:

    I have a 10yr old boy who has anxiety, and panic attacks evertime he goes to a wrestling meet. He has an undefeated season this year, and the stress he puts on his self is that he has to win…sometimes even vomits on the mat…what can i do to help him calm down? we reassure him all the time that he doesn’y have to win or be first all the time, but it seems to not effect him…suggestions?

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