Managing workouts in an office day

There is no doubt that a fragrant bath has no substitute. But many a times, you run short of time in your attempts to balance your personal hygiene with office schedule. Most of your days are hectic ones in which you simply cannot squeeze in a workout session. But it is never a wise option to skip workouts altogether. Why not manage to do your workout activities during lunch break?

Of course, even the thought of coming back to work in sweat drenching clothes is stinky. Take an extra costume set to the gym. Make sure that your costume kit consists of everything from socks to dress and undergarments. Damp or sweaty undergarments are likely to result in yeast infections. It is better to opt for exercise suits that easily absorb sweat and leaves you warm and comfortable. Cotton dress materials should be avoided, as they are likely to make you sticky. Socks that you wear during workout sessions should be ‘breathable’ ones. Women should ensure that they stick strictly to sports bras while doing exercises.

Ladies with long hair should get it properly pulled up to the back while engaging in weightlifting exercises. Always carry a clean towel to wipe away sweat. Hair freshening sprays can be applied soon after the workout session in order to refresh your hair with a pleasant fragrance.  Thus, your hair will be saved from being messy and you do not have to bother about a bath immediately.

Disposable body wipes are yet another must-haves if you do not have time to enjoy the luxury of a detailed shower. Such wipes are found to be effective in removing oil from your skin. Some of them are to be applied on face alone while some other versions can be applied on the body as well. After removing your workout socks, apply a foot deodoriser. It will surely leave your feet cleaner.  It is better to look for a deodoriser that keeps away bacteria and fights other germs.

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