Mastering Mascara art

However hard you try, do you keep on making those thick and spider-webbed eyelashes? There is no point in being the bad workman who blames his tools. For those beautiful wide lashes, you need to apply mascara precisely. Applying mascara is an art, which you can easily master with a little care.

For putting mascara, the wand should first be wiggled left to right at the base of lashes. If you want to make the illusion of long lashes, mascara should be placed at the roots and not at the tips. Then you need to pull the wand through the lashes, wiggling all the while. As you do this, ensure that the eyes are kept well closed. During the final step, mascara wand should be placed on the top of the lashes at the base and should be pulled in order to remove clumps, if any. Wiping the wand on a tissue paper before you start applying the mascara is found to effective in removing unexpected clumps.

Go ahead and make use of a lash comb if you find it necessary. They help in keeping the lashes separated from each other. For those perfect mascara lashes, you should certainly keep your wand clean. It should be fresh and wet. As you finish doing the mascara, make sure that wand is well –cleaned by dipping it in a capful of eye makeup remover solution. It should then be washed with soap and should be left to dry. Whenever you clean your make up tools, give due attention to the mascara wand as well and keep it clean. Always go for the thinner brushes as they are the easy tools with which the corners of the eyes can be accessed. If you want to give that wide look to your eyes, try using an eyelash curler. You can use the curler after ensuring that the applied mascara has dried well. After you are done with the eye make up, wait for five to ten seconds before blinking your eyes.


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