Medicinal aspects of red clover

Red clover belongs to the legume family and is similar to soy in nature. Red clover is rich in “phytoestrogens”, the plant-based chemicals. Red clover has a place of prominence in many traditional medications such as asthma, pertussis, cancer, and gout. Modern medicine makes use of isoflavone, extracted from red clover, to treat menopausal symptoms.

It is also used in alternative hormone replacement therapy. Red clover is found to enhance the blood flow through arteries and veins.
People who are under treatment for diabetes are also served by red clover. One of its potential benefits is that it helps in reducing diabetic complications such as high blood pressure and narrowing of the arteries and veins. However, it is advisable for diabetic patients to consult their doctor before including red clover in their diet. Though no reliable evidence has been obtained, studies to bring out the effect of clover in bringing down cholesterol level are under progress.

Red clover isoflavones are found to behave like estrogen. There is no clear proof to indicate that isoflavones share the beneficial aspects of estrogens (like effects on bone density). But, red clover isoflavones are proposed to reduce the menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. They are widely being employed for this purpose as well. Red clover supplementation results in a significant decrease in the frequency of hot flashes that women experience during night Blood pressure and triglyceride levels are also found to be lowered by the use of red clover.

Some isoflavones present in red clover are also likely to have anti-cancer properties. Further studies in this angle are also being carried out. Red clover has become an inevitable element in treatments meant for appetite suppression, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, burns, blood purification, breast cancer, canker sores, cardiovascular diseases, cough, chronic skin diseases, increased urine flow, eczema etc. Skin ulcers/sores, sore eyes, tuberculosis, osteosarcoma, premenstrual syndrome, mastalgia (breast pain)  indigestion etc are certain other ailments that are effectively checked by red clover based treatment.


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