Megan Fox back with a ‘Tattoo’ bang

“We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.” Right guess! That is the tattoo line scripted on Megan Fox. The ever “HOT” Fox and her nine tattoos have returned to gossip columns. She has punched hard at her critics who degraded her tattoos by calling them “trashy”. However, Megan Fox has her own ways of taking revenge. She has vowed to wrap herself up with tattoos. How strange are the celebrity ways of spite manifestations!
Despite being crowned by a leading men’s magazine as the Sexiest woman of the year, Fox seems to be disturbed by the minority group who does not appreciate her body art. She has made it clear that nine is not the end. The twenty-two year old actress has boldly raised her voice against her “close-minded tattoo critics”. She finds it insane from their part to dislike a person because she has done the unique body art on her. Of course, she does have a point here. If she finds the tattoos beautiful, she has every right to get it printed on her. After all, the body is hers. As Megan says “ this is 2008 and not 1950”.

Each of her tattoos is a strong protest against those who are against them. We all really feel with her when she says she hate that weird part of Hollywood which exerts its control over the very personal aspects of her life. That is indeed nothing but a pure breach of ‘right of privacy’. Of course, only Megan Fox ‘can’ and ‘must’ decide her hair colour. Tattoos are her ways of dealing with depressions; it is her reaction to life in general. She loves her tattoos so much that if she ever misses a role due to them, she is willing to quit the field. For her, it is not merely an external showpiece, the colours has gone deep beneath into her blood. That explains the tattoo line imprinted deep on her left rib cage. It reads thus, “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART”.


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