Merits and Demerits of Progestin-only pills (POP)

Since birth control pills continue to the most popular means of contraception, a discussion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Progestin-only pills (POP) will certainly be useful. Progestin-only pill (POP) is one among the three main types of birth control pills that are available in drug stores. The other two belonging to this group are Combination pills and Emergency contraceptive pills (ECP).

Progestin-only pills do not contain oestrogen. Also termed as mini pill, it is mostly used by lactating mothers since oestrogen adversely affects milk production. Women who cannot afford to take oestrogen due to other reasons also prefer Progestin-only pills. POPs thickens the cervical mucus and thus prevents the entry of sperm into the utreus. Mini pills should be taken daily. This is due to the fact that Progestin-only pills require a definite time period of twenty-four hours to work effectively. The major advantage of Progestin-only pills is that their action is easily reversible. Decreased menstrual blood loss and associated pain is yet another benefit.

However, Progestin-only pills are not free from demerits. They do not prevent infections caused by sexually transmitted diseases. They are also not as secure as combination pills in preventing pregnancy. Not a single day should be missed in between with out taking the pills. Irregular bleeding, spotting, amenorrhoea or missed monthly period, severe headaches etc are the possible side effects.

If you do not find it difficult to memorize and take the pill daily, then POP is a good option. If irregular bleeding or spotting does not affect the intimacy of your sexual relationship then also you can choose POP as your method of contraception. If avoiding oestrogen is your need, like, if you are a breast-feeding mother, then it is advisable to go for Progestin-only pills. However, condoms need to be preferred if in case you are prone to sexually transmitted diseases.

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