Merits of Massage Rollers

Massages are sure to enhance our general well being. The manifold advantages of a good massage includes stress and pain relief, improved blood and lymph circulation, cure from headaches etc. But, the problem is that we do not have enough time to visit masseurs. It is in such juncture that massage rollers come to our rescue.

Massage rollers are self-help handy instruments that offer instant kneading. It can be applied anywhere anytime on the body. They are found to provide the same relief as is obtained after a spa visit. Massage rollers are generally designed so as to suit its specific purpose such as face massage, neck and shoulder massage, feet massage and back massage. However, whole body massaging rollers are also available.

Massage rollers are user-friendly equipments. The user can comfortably make use of it all alone. However, in certain cases you need some one else to administer it on your body. Remote controlled massage rollers are also common. They are mainly used along with massage chairs in order to obtain a more refreshing massaging experience.

There is actually no need to spread oil or cream on the affected part before massaging. Either ways massage rollers will work properly. You just have to place the massage roller on the particular spot and gently roll it in circular motion. Only a light pressure needs to be exerted in most cases. However, if required, moderate pressure can also be applied. Massage need to be done for about fifteen minutes. Massage rollers generally provide pain relief by relaxing the muscle tissues of the affected body part and thereby enhancing blood circulation. Swelling, if any, also get wiped out. Apart from these benefits, foot massage rollers also help in stimulating acupressure points. Face massage rollers also have certain added merits. They are found to be effective in preventing wrinkles and also provide a healthy lustre.


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