Merits of Shiatsu foot massage

Shiatsu foot massage is a traditional Japanese natural healing therapy, which makes use of powerful oils. No doubt, our body do merit a lot from effective massages. This is because, massage enhances circulation to a particular part of the body and thereby more nutrients reach the cells through blood. Simultaneously, blood carries away toxic elements formed in the cells. That is how Shiatsu massages, or any other effective massages for that matter, helps in the regeneration and cleansing of body tissues. The aim of Shiatsu massage therapy is to provide ultimate relaxation.

Shiatsu foot massage is a mode of Oriental medication and is found to be effective in checking certain disorders related to body glands and organs. For example, a point at the centre of the foot is related to kidney. If the patient feels pain when the therapist applies pressure on this point, it is concluded that some irregularity has affected the kidneys. Shiatsu foot massage is found to alleviate certain health concerns and will gradually cure such disorders that are of lesser intensities.

Studies indicate that Shiatsu foot massage done on patients recuperating after heart surgery is highly beneficial. The massage brings down their stress level effectively. Decreased stress levels have positive impacts both physically and mentally. However, it is wise to approach a professional therapist for an effective
Shiatsu foot massage.

The major techniques involved in Shiatsu massages are stroking, ankle rotation, swivelling, kneading and finger walking. Stroking results in the production of mild heat as a result of which blood vessels get induced. When the ankles are rotated in both clockwise and anti-clock wise directions, foot gets relaxed right from the joints. When swivelling is done, pressure applied to the foot gets altered.
Kneading involves the knuckles at the second joints. The technique of finger walking results in walking fingers straight to your feet. Though similar to Chinese foot massage, it differs in types of strokes and methods of massage. Shiatsu foot massage also helps in the positive stimulation of body energy.


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