Michael Jackson being treated for staph infection

Michael Jackson is one among such personalities whose name never gets faded from a scribe’s pen tip. He is always there in the news, for one reason or other. Allegations, ailments, controversies, scandals, felicitations, the reasons are simply too many. While many of them later get denied as ‘rumours,’ his spokesmen accept many others. The last among such ill-health rumours was that the pop star had cystic fibrosis, a Caucasian disease.

This time, it is more fatal if true. It has been reported that the fifty-year-old singer is under medical treatment for a staph infection. It was the British newspaper, The Sun, that let out the news. According to the report, the infection has spread all over his face and body. Apparently, strenuous efforts are being taken by his team of expert doctors to arrest the pace of the infection, which is spreading fast. The pop singer is receiving intravenous antibiotics as part of this medication.

According to the news report that came in the Sun, sources have revealed that it is an “MRSA-style infection.” If so, the situation is likely to be complicated as such an infection is found to be resistant to conventional type of antibiotics. Now, it is quite natural for you to wonder from where the pop star is likely to have contracted the infection. The Sun has an answer to that query as well. The infection might have occurred as an after effect of the reconstructive surgery that was done on his nose.

Recently, many media reports had indicated that Mike Jackson is under the threat of some or other chronic ailment. The Times of London had reported recently that the skin on his face and hands appeared to be inflamed in recently taken snaps. The photos were clicked as the singer was leaving a clinic at Los-Angeles.

His biographer, Ian Halperin, had also told a British newspaper that Jackson was suffering from Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency. He even revealed that the pop singer is likely to undergo a lung transplant surgery soon.


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