Miley Cyrus in photo scandal

Miley Cyrus, undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular teen stars, has been dragged into limelight again. But this time, the reason for the public spot light is not something about which she can boast of. Miley’s photograph in which she was pictured as “slanting her eyes” caught the attention of the film industry.

The snap was open to all as it was displayed on the net. Of course, the industry reacted outrageously. Inside sources are now whispering that the photo is going to cost her this season’s awards.

According to sources, this year’s edition of the Kids’ Choice Awards, scheduled to take place towards the last of March, might mark the end of Miley’s publicity. They feel that she is no longer going to be selected as favourite TV female star for her role in “Hannah Montana.”

However, this is indeed sad rumour for Miley as she was holding this titl4e for the past couple of years. Whatever be the outcome, it is true that many of the ardent fans of this singer turned actress is upset by this photo scandal. After all, it is their votes that should decide whether she should retain the prestigious title or not.

However, the photo from the actress’ personal album has triggered response from many organisations. A non-profit organisation, OCA, has even suggested that the actress should come up and apologise for being part of the photo scandal. However, Miey has refused to provide an immediate response.

“Not only has Miley Cyrus and the other individuals in the photograph encouraged and legitimised the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent, she has also insulted her many Asian Pacific American fans. The inclusion of an Asian Pacific American individual in the photo does not make it acceptable.” That was how the organisation responded to the photo scandal through a press statement.


7 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus in photo scandal

  1. Alexandra says:

    hey miley is still a teenager she has an otha life instead of bein a star miley does wat miley does she has da rites to do wat she want if she wana take pics of her self den let it be not onlii poparatizzi suppose 2 take pics of her plz evry 1 leave her alone like i said she iz still a teen iight dam if her mom an dad anit complaining den its fine poparatizzi an others are soo inmature

  2. reese. says:

    i hate miley cyrus with a passion.
    she has all this faem, and shes throwing it away.
    i would kill to be as famous as she is, she doesnt reailize how lucky she is.
    all these young girls look up to her, what a mistake.
    they are all gunna be hoes, ill tell yaa.
    shes a whore, lets face it.
    i fell so sorry for herr.

  3. Bob says:

    Hey alexandra, I guess you were brought up in the slums as u cant even spell half the words made up of 2-3 letters. fucking moron, u fail!

  4. kiba says:

    miley needs to get her act together! so many little children look up to her i live across the street from a 6 year old little girl and her 4 year old sister they absolutely adore miley cyrus/hannah montana! they love her like a mouse loves cheesE! miley’s setting a bad example, what kind of ‘good girl’ loses her virginity at 16?what has she become? 🙁

  5. Tiara says:

    Actually her parents were complaining. ESPECIALLY her dad. He chewed her out about it for a long time on the first photo scandal in 2008 and now she’s at it again. Yeah she’s a teen, that’s fine, but she’s a teen who’s music is aiming towards younger kids her age. Course she can have her fun and take cute little pics but she don’t need to be fiesty like that and she acting like she grown and she’s clearly not. Young girls are going to see this and hear about it and eventually (because Miley is SOO popular with the younger girl generation) they just might end up doing it or trying it out. Nothing wrong with being a teen and it’s not like she asked for the pix to be hacked out of her phone, e-mail account, or whatever. But there’s a time and place for everything and she took it too far to the next level. She need to stop tryna be a hot mama and realize that she can show off her body in many positive appropriate ways. That’s all I’m saying.

  6. FJ says:

    Why was Miley taking pictures like this, she really should be protecting her image, especailly now that she’s pregnant. I feel bad for her unborn child. =s

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