Molly Ringwald pregnant with twins

Molly Ringwald has confirmed it. Its twins this time! The double-baby story was first reported by People, to which the actress confirmed the news. The twins will make it three. The forty-year-old actress and her husband, Panio Gianopoulos were gifted with their first child in October 2003. That time it was a daughter whom they named Mathilda Ereni. The new babies are due in the coming August.

Molly is currently playing the mother role of a teenager in the popular ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of An American Teenager.” It is all about a family dealing with a host of issues including the pregnancy of their high school kid. Apparently, one of the show’s representatives said that Molly’s pregnancy would be written into the series. Those who ardently watch the show are too keen to know how Molly’s pregnancy will get incorporated into the storyline of the series in which she acts as an anxious mom.

Everybody’s favorite TV mom Molly Ringwald is also too happy to expect the twins’ arrival along with her husband. It has been revealed that one of the twins is a boy and the other a girl. So, that will make her the proud mother of two girls and a boy.

The news was not a happy one just for the proud parents. It was welcomed with pleasure by her co-stars as well. This was how Shailene Woodley, who acts the central character of the show as Ringwald’s daughter, responded to the news. “Molly’s first child is so gorgeous! She’s got the dark hair like her Greek dad but she’s got Molly’s beautiful features. Whenever she brings Mathilda to the set, everybody’s happy.” Secret Life’s second season is being aired on Monday nights on ABC Family.

Ringwald had earlier starred in such teen classics as Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.
On Secret Life, she has been successfully playing the role of the sympathetic but overwhelmed Anne Juergens – a woman grieved by her husband’s affair, her mother’s Alzheimer’s and, most poignantly, her fifteen year old daughter’s  pregnancy.


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