Movie treats affects health adversely

Summer time is generally a movie blockbuster season. But, this also means that our diets go the way of the Titanic. A ticket to Saturday’s matinee is actually the last nail on the coffin of your weight management. Of course, we cannot think of movies without a popcorn packet in our hands. All the efforts taken by you to flatten your tummy will be ruined with a mere cup of popcorn that you buy to eat during the movie.

Have you ever realised that an ordinary serving of microwave popcorn cones to two cups, whereas, in movie theatres, one serving itself holds almost seven cups of popcorn. Seven cups of microwave popcorn brings in a huge rise of five hundred calories. If you opt for the medium-sized cover of popcorn, instead of the smaller one, the calorie count gets doubled. It is for sure that you will not buy popcorn in isolation. They go well along with a silo-sized soda. Be reminded that the calorie counts go up in multiples. Chocolates also add to the calorie count. You certainly like to have a sweet treat after the crunchy popcorns. In short, you return from the movie theatre after having made a drastic rise in the calorie count.

All the efforts that you have taken by cutting down the high-calorie oily foodstuffs and including more fibrous, green and fresh food materials in your diet will turn to be futile within those couple of hours that you spent inside the theatre.

Now, the question is how to get the problem solved. The best of all the possible solutions is to sneak in own goodies from home. But, it is technically a wrong practise to take snacks from home. However, as far as theatres do not provide a healthier snack option, there is no other alternative for those of us who are battling the bulge.

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