Muslim Baby Names

The Muslim baby names are names from Arab speaking world also known as Muslim baby names. That is because Muslim is predominant in the Arab speaking world. Hence, some baby names are not really Arabic such as Iranian and Turkish baby names.

The Muslim baby names may be quite long. The Muslim baby names may consist of Ism (given name), Laqab (nick name), Nasab (parent name), and Nisba (family name). In same cases, the Kunya (which means first born son) precedes the baby names.

The Muslim religion have great influenced on the Muslim baby names Many Arabic or Muslim baby names use the ninety eight attributes of Allah. In Arabic, Allah means God. Abd Al which means “servant of the” precedes many baby names. Similarly, Al or El means the article “the” in English. For example, Abd-Al-Sami means servant of all hearing, Abd-Al-Rashid means servant of the all guided, and Abd-Al-Jabbar means servant of the mighty. Now, Abdul is more common form of Abd Al.

The descendant names of Muhammad are also popular choice. For example, Umar, Ali, Bakr, and Fatima are descendants of Muhammad. Umar (strong supporter of Muhammad), Ali (cousin of Muhammad), Bakr (father in law of Muhammad), and Fatima (daughter of Muhammad) are baby names meaning life, lofty, young camel, and abstain respectively.

The names of prophet became popular as well. For instance, Ibrahim which means father of many is counterpart of Abraham, and Mariam which means sea of bitterness is counterpart of Mary.
A great number of baby names start with Al (that means the), Ibn (which means song of), and Abu (which means father of). El means the same as Al. Al can also mean the tribe or clan of origin in some regions of Arab. For instance, Al-Amir means the prince, Al-Asad means the lion, and Al-Fakhir means the proud. Another example, Abu Kadir means father of Kadir, Abu Idris means father of Idris, and Abu Ishaq means father of Ishaq.

By adding the letter A or H at the end, anyone can turn the male baby names into female baby names. For example, Khalida is a female baby name of Khalid, Hashima is a female baby name of Hashim, Abdullah is a female baby name of Abdul, and Iyyah is a female baby name of Iyya.

Many Muslim baby names also have rationalized or shortened. For example, Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Achmed (Ahmed), Amurath (Al Murad), Saladin (Salah Al-din), Aladdin (Al-din), Nureddin (Nur Al-din), and Almanzor (Al Manzor).

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