Myths about miscarriages

Miscarriage is nothing but nature’s way of getting rid of a damaged foetus. One in every ten pregnancies ends up as a miscarriage. Of course, abortions are terrible and frustrating situations to be in. But there is no point in blaming women for the irregularity. There are many common beliefs that people feel will result in a miscarriage. But science has rejected many of them as baseless.

Stress is a common factor that is usually linked with miscarriage. Of course, all mothers will be anxious about their babies. But sudden deaths in family and such other unexpected calamities are not proved to be the causes of a miscarriage. Such traumatic life events make the mother perplexed and extremely upset, but pregnancy will continue in its own way. Sex is also not something to be avoided, unless your doctor has warned you. A little spotting after sex is common since pregnancy has made the cervix soft and full of blood.

Workouts also do not cause abortions. However, expectant mothers should be careful enough to ensure that their heartbeat does not cross 140. Excessive panting might limit oxygen supply to the embryo. Your firstborn child also deserves your attention. You do not have to avoid lifting him up completely. It is always better to lift him up by squatting and then picking up.

Babies are well protected inside the womb’s cradle and will not be hurt by small hits like the one from your older child who sleeps with you. Poor eating habits also do not end up in an abortion. You will be robbed off the nutrients from whatever little food intake you make. However, in order to avoid an underweight baby, it is advisable to go for a healthy diet.

Drinking alcohol before realizing that you are pregnant also does not affect the child badly. But, once you are sure of your pregnancy take baby bottles in hand and drop liquor ones. Babies will not be frightened to death inside your womb. A large noise might startle you but not your baby. So just stop blaming yourself if the inevitable has occurred.


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