Nail care

To maintain the healthy natural nails is not as difficult as it may sound to everyone. As with hair, nails are generally the healthiest in their natural state and require a bit of nail polish to get protected. They also require regular applications of special creams as a moisturizer.

On the other hand, many argue that to use natural nail strengtheners those chemically crosslink the nail-bud, is in reality a bad thought. Though they do make nail more rigid, they also turn them less flexible and therefore more prone to break on slightest impact. It is really more important that nails are to be kept flexible and moisturized all the time to avoid complications.

Too much nail splitting can also make them under dehydration. In such case, drinking more fluids and using some oils designed to penetrate the nail bud is advisable. It can be then followed up with some natural moisturizing creams.

People who have long nails and pointed nails are weaker as compared to normally shaped nails as this is natural. They therefore, require special attention. In such case, several coats of nail hardening agent help minimizing chipping and peeling of the nails’ enamels. The idea is to find something that will protect and moisturize. Nail hardeners having nylon fibers are considered to be very affective.

One has to understand that regular usage of nail polish can make a yellowish discoloration of the nails. However, this is not believed to damaging, but is important to keep in mind if anyone prefers the natural look but go for some color from time-to-time.

Below are some useful nail care tips:

You should never clip nails to short them. Instead, go for an emery board filing nails down to size.

You should apply a hand cream or lotion each time after washing the hands as soap tends to cause nails and skin turning very dry and hence, if you don’t use soap washing hands, it is not required then. Cuticle should remain moisturized with some moisturizers.

One should never peel or scrape off nail polish. In addition, using metal instruments on the nail surface for pushing back the cuticle is also said to be harmful. This may scrape off the protective tissues of the nails’ surface.

Don’t bite nails, it is damaging.

You prefer to apply a top coat on daily basis that helps protecting the tips.

Go for a nail polish remover as infrequent as possible – particularly those that contain acetone. Most of the nail polish removers dry nail out and hence, many health care providers suggest using nail polish remover not more than once in week.


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