Natasha Richardson dies after mishap

Theater and film actress Natasha Richardson died after suffering from a major brain injury which occurred as she was undergoing her skiing class. She was soon flown to New York from Canada; according to reports. But all the attempts were in vein and the actress passed away late on Thursday evening, hours after the mishap.

The British performer, who was married to actor Liam Neeson, fell on a beginner slope on Monday afternoon at Mont Tremblant. The Swiss-style resort where the accident took place is about eighty miles northwest of Montreal.

The forty-five-year-old Natasha was the daughter of the late film director Tony Richardson.
It is reported that the star of the 1998 film “The Parent Trap” was not wearing a helmet when the accident took place. She was accompanied a ski instructor who immediately sought the help of the ski patrol. Resort personals however said tat the injury that she underwent is not of grave concern.

“She did not show any visible sign of injury but the ski patrol followed strict procedures and brought her back to the bottom of the slope and insisted she should see a doctor,” they said in a released statement. It is reported that she was getting a private lesson at skiing.

Sources close to her revealed that though she appeared to be fine at first, slowly she started feeling uneasy and even developed a headache.  However, no signs of severe head injury or traces of blood were obvious.

Natasha was first taken to a local hospital from where she was moved to Montreal’s Sacre-Couer hospital. On the private plane in which she was transported, Natasha was accompanied by medical staff. However, it was not immediately known whether husband Neeson did accompany her in the flight. He was busy in Toronto filming for the movie “Chloe.” The couple parents two young boys.

Corin Redgrave, Richardson’s uncle, responded thus to the accident reports: “I have heard this morning from a family representative about Natasha’s accident and am very saddened.” However, Richardson’s publicist was not available to comment and did not respond to phone calls or e-mails immediately after the accident.


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