Natural Cures for Acne

There are several different types of acne. The most common form is acne vulgaris, which is the pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads people usually experience during puberty.

Rosacea, a skin condition often confused with acne, is caused by a different process, and usually occurs later in life. Its symptoms usually are a reddening or blushing of the cheeks, nose, or forehead, but bumps and swellings known as papules or pustules, which resemble common pimples and whiteheads, may form as well. Other more severe forms of acne exist additionally, but these are far less common than acne vulgaris and rosacea but we have many Natural cures for acne.

Lavender oil – Lavender oil smells lovely and works great as natural cures for acne. Consider adding this traditional natural acne cure to an astringent or purchasing glycerin soap made with real lavender oil.

Honey – A well known bacteria buster is also an alleged natural acne cure. Just mix real honey with baking soda, apply as a paste, and rinse off after allowing the solution to dry.

Tea tree oil – This is another one of the natural cures for acne though some report allergic reactions to this natural acne cure, others claim wonderful results. Also a popular cure for yeast-based skin infections, tea tree oil can be purchased at most health food stores.

Garlic Oil with pummeled parsley – this is another one of the Natural cures for acne
Though a smelly concept, pulverized garlic and parsley can be used to make a wonderful poultice for acne. Take sock-style nylon and fill it with a pulverized garlic clove and a teaspoon of shredded parsley. Before application, soak the nylon in warm black tea. Apply to heavy breakouts and hold against skin until cool. Gross but affective.

Basil and Neem – Basil and neem make an interesting addition to a bottle of astringent. Just take fresh basil and neem and put them in a fresh bottle of astringent. Allow the herbs to steep in the astringent and leave them in the bottle. Use the astringent as indicated.

Other ways for natural cures for acne

Many a times, what we eat everyday in some form or the other is good for your skin as well. One such vegetable is potato; it is an ideal acne cure, especially for whiteheads. One more vitamin that is very useful for skin is vitamin C. It gives healthy glow to the skin and its alkaline nature helps get rid of the bacteria on your face. The potato also contains an acid that scrubs away the dead or dying skin cells from your face.

You can even apply papaya on your face that is one of the natural cures for acne, but remember it should be raw. These natural treatments prevent the infections from spreading further and help your skin stay healthy and glowing.

One important thing to remember is that any acne remedy tends to leave you skin dried during the treatment. It is necessary to rehydrate your skin after applying any natural cures for acne, one ointment that can be very useful for this, is Almond Oil. You’ll need to buy a bag of almonds, and grind up with water approximately 4-5 good-sized almond nuts. Just apply the paste on your face, don’t scrub. This has the property of adding moisture to the skin and smoothen the face. Another way to treat the skin for dryness is the curds or the buttermilk.

You may have tried number of treatments for the cure of acne with no result at all. Just don’t loose heart; you can give a try to have natural cures for acne. You will most likely find the solution in acne natural cure treatments, but as said earlier, keep some patience to find what suits you best.

Natural Remedy for Acne

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Natural Cure for Acne

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