Natural Vitamin Remedy for Dry Skin

Dry skin has no permanent cure but the skin can be softened and made smoother by using a few remedies. Most popularly, lotions and creams are used to soothe the dry skin.

Using a mild soap or a cleansing body wash might eliminate the problem temporarily. However, this option can turn out to be pretty expensive if the skin is genetically dry or just exceptionally dry. Certain remedies can be used to soften the dry skin right at home.

Natural vitamin remedy for dry skin tip 1 – Evening Primrose Oil works great for severely dry skin. Take 3-4 thousand milligrams a day, but you have to be consistent. It takes about 2 weeks to see the results, but it really works.

Natural vitamin remedy for dry skin tip 2 – Dry skin treatment doesn’t require a lot of fancy designer lotions or creams. The most important factor is hydration. Drink plenty of water, use a humidifier and avoid products and situations that will cause skin to dry out. Check your kitchen cabinets too! Chances are the only beauty products you need are right in your own pantry.

Natural vitamin remedy for dry skin tip 3 – If you have sensitive skin or are prone to skin allergies, perform a patch test before applying any home remedy to your face.

Natural vitamin remedy for dry skin tip 4 – Home remedy for dry skin: smear honey on your body and wash after 5 minutes.

Natural vitamin remedy for dry skin tip 5 – Drink regularly a glass of warm milk mixed with 2 teaspoons of almond oil.

Tip 6 – Make sure you drink enough water daily and take evening primrose oil, 2 caps of the strongest kind daily.

Tip 7 – Blend oatmeal, Vanilla extract and baking soda. Add to a tub with warm water and sit in for 30-60 minutes.

Tip 8 – Add oil to your bath. Add a tablespoon or so of almond, jojoba, olive, or hazelnut oil to your bath water after you’ve soaked for about 5 minutes. By soaking first, your skin gets plumped up by the water, and then by adding the oil, it will seal in the absorbed moisture.

Amla Vitamin C Supplements

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