Natural vitamins in fruits

‘Vitamin’ is a general term that includes both natural and synthetic ones. Natural vitamins are much more beneficial than its synthetic counterparts since they are derived from nature. Being natural, they are devoid of artificial preservatives, sweetners and other colours. Plants and minerals supply us with natural vitamins. Fruits head the list of natural vitamin providers. That is exactly why fruits are held in high demand the world over. Natural vitamins provide us co-factors as well. For example, bioflavoniods is the co-factor of Vitamin C. Synthetic vitamins, due to their artificial laboratory derivation, lacks such co-factors. However, it should be ensured that the fruits we get to eat are grown organically for them to be rich in natural vitamins.

In our world of junk foods, fruits have an all the more important role. Though we have embraced the junk food culture due to its easy to cook and less time consuming nature, they are certainly not good for health. However, an increased intake of fruits in our daily diet will help to compensate the vitamin deficiency caused by the fast food culture. All compromises that we are forced to make in our food habits will be compensated if we treat ourselves with a variety of fruits daily. Fruits like apple also contain soluble fibres that clear our digestive tract.
An apple a day is sure to keep the doctor away.

The following table depicts the vitamins present in different fruits and their calories.

Apple —————————- A. C.———————-61 calories
Banana. ————————– A, B1, C. —————–99 calories
Peach. —————————. A, C.———————-65 calories
Date. —————————– A, B1, ——————–308 calories
Apricot. ————————-. A.————————-61 calories
Blackberry. ———————- A, C. ———————42 calories
Gooseberry ———————- A, B1, C —————–55 calories
Cranberry. ———————– A, C. ——————– 44 calories
Grape. ————————— C, ————————40 calories
Cherry. ————————– C, ———————–40 calories
Watermelon, ——————— A, C, ——————–32 calories
Plum. —————————- A, B, C.——————76 calories
Strawberry. ———————-. A, C.———————44 calories
Lemon. ————————— B1, C, ——————44 calories
Lime. —————————– A, C, ——————-44 calories
Orange. ————————— A, B1, C, —————51 calories
Grapefruit. ———————— B1, C, ——————48 calories


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    One should never equate the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables with the nutrition achieved from eating pills and supplements.Health expert cite numerous benefits of eating fruits and vegetables regularly.

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