Natural ways for beautiful skin

If natural aids can provide your skin with that much-sought after glow, why to shell out cash on all the marketed cosmetic products? Instead of exploring the shelves of different stores and visiting parlors, turn to your fridge, garden and kitchen. Fruits juices not only supply your body with nutrients, but also are effective cleansers and toners.

An apple a day, will keep the beautician at bay. Apple juice is found to work wonders on wrinkled skin. It can also be applied evenly on cracked and inflamed skin. Apples are great toners as well as conditioners. A cup of apple juice, if added to your bathing water, will leave your skin softer. Juice of apple is also found to be effective against dandruff. It also forms an excellent mouth freshener.
If you happened to be sun burned, why not let apricot juice cure you? Fresh extract of apricots is ideal for sunburn and itching.

Avocados are used an effective base in many facial masks.  If you are looking for a cheaper fruit, bananas are sure to help you. Ripe bananas form an effective and most inexpensive skin mask. Skin eruptions, bulges and discolorations can be treated with cucumber. Leaves of guava and mango form an excellent natural anti-septic. Lemon plays the role of both an effective deodorant and a cleanser. Halved lemon can be rubbed on blackened elbows to get rid of the discoloration. If added to your shampoo, lemon fights dandruff as well. Thick paste made out of orange juice, if applied evenly on oily face will prevent pimples and acnes.

Strawberry is employed in most conditioning and skin toning packs. The fruit is abundant in salicylic acid, a major ingredient found in many commercial acne creams. Strawberry paste is prescribed as the best treatment for troubled or teenage skin. Papaya pulp removes whiteheads, boils and spots.  The papain enzyme, found abundantly in papaya, also helps in skin whitening.


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