Non Prescription Arthritis Remedies for Dogs

Choosing the right dog arthritis medication can be a daunting task, especially considering all of the different types on the market today.

Not only are there the conventional prescription drugs, but there are a number of promising natural remedies to help alleviate your pet’s arthritic pain. No matter which treatment you choose to use, it is important to make sure it is safe and effective.

Non prescription arthritis remedies for dogs tip 1 – Aloe vera is a wonderful plant from nature which can soothe your insides, increase regularity, alkalize your body, help with hemorrhoids, help with many intestinal problems, increase circulation of the lymphatic system and so much more. Aloe vera juice also helps to reduce inflammation and can help your arthritis and other joint problems. Unfortunately the taste of 100% pure aloe vera juice isn’t always appealing to most. You can add it to juice to help mask the somewhat slimy consistency.

Non prescription arthritis remedies for dogs tip 2 – Massage Therapy: A method of manual manipulation which can help relax tender areas.

Non prescription arthritis remedies for dogs tip 3 – Hydrotherapy: The use of cold, warm, or even hot water to relax joints and reduce inflammation. The animal is usually placed in a small pool of water where an attendant can exercise the affected joints more easily.

Non prescription arthritis remedies for dogs tip 4 – Magnets: A 1996 study in Tokyo found magnets worked just as well as acupuncture for relief of symptoms of arthritis. This method involves using magnetized bands on different parts of the body. The bands are supposed to work with the electrical activity already present in the animal’s body to produce a change in body temperature, which is said to provide relief from inflammation and pain.

Non prescription arthritis remedies for dogs tip 5Boswellia Serrata, also known as Sallai Guggal, is a closely related to Frankincense (Boswellia glabra). Boswellia possesses anti-inflammatory action that is just as effective against arthritis as most prescription medication, yet Boswellia does not have any of the side effects.

Dog Joint Formula Liquid Supplements

Dog Joint Formula is an exclusive combination of natural supplements formulated to support healthy joints and avert the beginning of arthritis and other degenerative conditions in dogs

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