Nutritional Value Of Almond Milk

If your baby is not drinking enough milk, it is a real cause of worry. Milk is indeed the most easily available source of calcium, essential for the proper growth of bones and teeth. If you have failed in all your attempts to make him drink milk, why not give almond milk a try? Most children are found to prefer almond milk to the taste of soy or rice milk.

Almond milk is by all means a milk substitute that is made by finely grinding almonds together with water. High quality almond milk has finer consistency. It has been considered as a nutritious baby food in the Middle East. It is now being consumed as a healthy beverage as well.

Almond milk is found to be extremely high in its protein content. Another favorable aspect of almond milk is that it does not get spoilt as easily as dairy milk. Almond milk can be made as required in the quantities needed. It is also easy to store dry almonds. Unlike milk, it does not have to be kept refrigerated as well.

Almond milk is also found to be extremely nutritious as it is being consumed without being cooked. Thus supporters of ‘Raw Food Movement’ appreciate this beverage, as they believe cooking deprives food materials of their natural mineral and vitamin content.

Almond milk is easy to be prepared. By merely soaking almonds in a jar of water kept in the refrigerator for a day and then grinding and straining the liquid can make almond milk. Some experts advise almonds to be boiled before soaking it as well. Certain recipes call for almond milk made from roasted almonds since the flavor is slightly richer. However, almond milk is also available at food stores in ‘ready to be eaten’ packs.

Almond milk is extremely nutritious with absolutely minimal saturated fat. Contrary to cow’s milk, it does not contain lactose and is thereby easily digestible. However, it is advisable not to provide almond milk to those kids who suffer from some or other nut allergies.


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  1. Jennifer Gordon says:

    I drink almond milk all the time, but don’t have the time to make my own. Almond Breeze is available at all the major grocery stores and green grocers. I love the chocolate! Good hot or cold. There are also unsweetened options.

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