Odd Baby Names

These are only considered odd baby names when compared to the typical names. These unusual baby names have made these people stand out compared to their classmates and colleagues named Christopher, John or Edith.

Some people have very odd names to the point of being hilarious that they become the laughingstock of their friends.

So what is in a name? It is true that a person should not be judged by virtue of his name alone. However, despite good intentions of not judging people by the name they have, society could not help but giggle at people who have funny or odd names, particularly those who hold respectable positions in the community.

The name of a person is very significant because no matter how people deny it, society will always have a bias for a charming name. Admit it or not, the name of a person will always be the first thing that will give him a personality in the minds of other people who may not have even seen him yet.

Odd baby names for boys:

1. Fisher
2. Fidel
3. Bronson
4. Treyton
5. Cristofer
6. Cordell
7. Jamarcus
8. Guy
9. Destin
10. Campbell
11. Tre
12. Rahul
13. Rey
14. Jarod
15. Trevin
16. Reilly
17. Nash
18. Jeramiah
19. Jarvis
20. Darrin
21. Darin
22. Cornelius
23. Broderick
24. Trevion
25. Rishi
26. Immanuel
27. Yusuf
28. Niko
29. Kason
30. Jayvon
31. Zaire
32. Trever
33. Samson
34. Raymundo
35. Kerry
36. Fletcher
37. Efren
38. Dimitri
39. Andreas
40. Zaid
41. Truman
42. Trenten
43. Tayshaun
44. Haiden
45. Elvin
46. Barry
47. Jamel
48. Chaim
49. Branson
50. Kevon

Odd baby names for girl:

1. Johana
2. Darlene.
3. Chase
4. Carli
5. Samira
6. Lisette
7. Heidy
8. Drew
9. Carson
10. Alexandrea
11. Alex
12. Estefania
13. Yessenia
14. Selina
15. Jalynn
16. Arlene
17. Shirley
18. Kalyn
19. Dania
20. Christa
21. Averie
22. Yaritza
23. Roxana
24. Kaci
25. Dianna
26. Kourtney
27. Ericka
28. Angeles
29. Sydni
30. Dasia
31. Chana
32. Lorelei
33. Lexus
34. Delia
35. Zariah
36. Taya
37. Robyn
38. Robin
39. Jaylen
40. Jana
41. Gwyneth
42. Citlali
43. Anabel
44. Sydnie
45. Riya
46. Jazmyne
47. Ashtyn
48. Tamya
49. Melisa
50. Janiah

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