Permanent methods of hair removal

Tired of spending both time and money to get rid of those unwanted hair that grow on your hands and legs? Want to take yourself legs and hands out of those long skirts and full-sleeved tops? There are lots of permanent hair removal techniques for you to choose from. The top three effective methods are electrolysis, thermolysis or a mixture of the two methods called as ‘blend’ method. Choosing the right method mainly depends on your skin type. Sensitivity of your skin together with the extent of pain that you can tolerate are the other factors that should be considered while selecting your hair removal method.

In electrolysis, each follicle from which the hair sprouts out is destroyed. A thin probe gets inserted into each hair follicle with out damaging the skin. With the passage of electric current, a chemical reaction takes place and as a result of this process, water and salt molecules present in the hair follicle is converted to lye. The loosened hair is easily pulled out using special tweezers. The damage made to the hair follicle is a stable one and once removed, hairs will not sprout again. Though expensive and painful, electrolysis remains to be the most popular method of hair removal. It should be ensured that the beautician who performs electrolysis is an expert in this field since any minor error may cause irreparable alterations to skin pattern.

Thermolysis is similar to electrolysis in that a probe is exerted into the hair follicle. The probe makes water molecules to revolve around and produce heat. The heat thus produced cause damage to dermal papilla and thereby hair growth is prevented. However, when compared to electrolysis this method is not an effective one. But, it can be done faster than electrolysis.

The blend method is increasingly becoming popular since it is both effective and quicker. Here, the heating effect of thermolysis is combined with the molecular transformation process of electrolysis. Heated lye is produced as a result of the blend method. This hot lye causes damage to hair follicles in a fast pace. This method is found to be effective on all sorts of skin.

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