Physical Activity in Your Daily Life

We are all familiar with the adage, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” ‘Play’ here relates to any physical activity that is enjoyable. It is a broad term that ranges from sports to any other exercise involving muscle movements. Physical exercise has an extremely important role in a healthy living. It can be defined as structured body movement done to enhance physical fitness. Regimented exercise includes walking, running, swimming etc that are done for about an hour daily.

We do not have to set apart specific time in our busy routine for exercise. Daily household chores can be transformed into enjoyable exercise periods. If so, it will be more convenient, comfortable and safer. Children should also be made part of exercise program, as that will set good examples to them. As far as possible avoid hiring someone to do housework. All members of the family should participate in such activities like cleaning and washing. Mowing lawn grass and other gardening works can also be done together. Pruning and digging can be done by adults where as picking up trash can be left to kids. Short walks that last up to half an hour are highly advisable. If there is a need to go to the shop round the corner, never take your bike. Instead, go on foot.

Another helpful tip that can be incorporated into our daily routine includes placing the exercise equipment before the television. Exercise equipment is after all a one-time expense and the whole family can use it. Parking the vehicle at some place away from the shopping mall and covering the distance on foot will also help.

Even at office, certain steps need to be taken purposefully. Instead of depending on telephones to call somebody, try walking to their place. If you have to make official tours often, carry a skipping rope in your bag so that you can exercise even inside your hotel room. Avoid elevators and climb the steps as far as possible. While waiting at the airport, keep walking instead of standing still somewhere.

Having fun while exercising will be more advantageous. Including activities such as swimming in family outings will be a good idea. If you can convince your best friend to join you, exercise time will just fly away.


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