Pistachios found to be heart friendly

Pistachios are found to be extremely beneficial to heart patients. Apart from being a rich source of nutrients, pistachios also prevent the arteries from hardening. Since majority of the strokes and heart attacks owe its origin to hardened arteries, pistachios deserve to be made a desirable part of healthy diet. Three ounces of pistachio nuts are sure to keep the doctor away. Levels of cholesterol are found to be extremely low in pistachio-eaters. Thus pistachio nuts play a major role in determining a person’s cardiovascular health.

Another advantage of pistachio eating is its “no-weight gain” nature and is results in a lower body mass index. Thus a daily diet in which fifteen percent of calories are contributed by pistachios is extremely good for health. Lutein is the antioxidant that is found in pistachios. This antioxidant is abundantly present in green vegetables and brightly coloured fruits. However, it is advisable to take unsalted pistachios rather than salted ones. Salted pistachios are likely to shoot up your blood pressure.

It is beneficial to include more monounsaturated fats in your diet. Rather than bringing down the total fat intake, only polyunsaturated fat need to be avoided. The fifty five percent of fat content present in Pistachios belongs to the monounsaturated group that is healthy. Only thirty two percent of its total fat content is polyunsaturated. Certain statistical studies points that a pistachio diet can bring down the harmful blood lipid value as well. Thus pistachios provide a protective shield to its eaters from all sorts of heart disorders.

Of all the major snack nuts, pistachios provide the highest level of phytosterols.
Phytosterols are an abundant source of fiber. Thus pistachios is certainly a wise snack choice. It contains eight major nutrients in rich quantities. They are vitamin B6, copper, manganese, thiamin, potassium, fiber, phosphorus and magnesium.

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