Plus and minus of Combination pills

The term “birth control pill,” is widely used to refer to oral contraceptives that contain both oestrogen and progestin. Among the twenty-eight pills present in the pack, twenty-one are a combination of these two hormones. The rest seven pills do not contain any hormone and are therefore inactive. Menstrual periods occur when these inactive pills are taken.

In some packs, all the twenty-one pills contain the hormones in the same measure. Such a pack is called are called monophasic pack. Multiphasic pills are those that contain pills which have oestrogen and progestin in varied amounts. Multiphasic pills are of two kinds, namely, Biphasic and Triphasic. Multiphasic oral contraceptives should be taken at a particular time daily. The major benefit of multiphasic oral contraceptive is its reduced side effects. There are certain multiphasic pills, which should be taken without giving any breaks in between. In such cases, the woman will not have menstrual periods at all. Multiphasal pills minimises the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer. Pain caused by premenstrual symptoms such as cramps will also be effectively brought down. Bone density loss is a common disorder commonly found in women who are above thirty years of age. Multiphasal pills will prevent this disorder to a considerable extent.

Like all other artificial contraceptive methods, multiphase pills also have their own disadvantages. Nausea, vomiting, minor spotting, headaches are the most common among them. Irregularities in body weight such as a sudden gain or fall of body mass index is another possible side effect. Breast tenderness and hypertension are also found in some cases. Though rare, combined pills are found to lead to the formation of gallstones. However, since multiphase pills will not provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases, condoms need to be used if you are prone to such a threat. If you happen to be a breast-feeding mother, it is advisable to go for combined pills only after your child is half a year old.

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