Pregnancy after Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, making the decision to try for another pregnancy can be difficult. Yes Pregnancy after miscarriage is a difficult task. It is natural to want to become pregnant again right away after going through the heartache of losing a baby.

However, you should wait to attempt again until you are physically, as well as sensitively ready.

Miscarriage can leave a couple severely shaken as the anticipation of having a baby suddenly turns to grief over a loss. Many feel devastated and guilty even if the miscarriage occurs during the early weeks or months of the pregnancy. However, while it’s normal to blame some specific act or situation, miscarriages are rarely triggered by factors under the partners’ control. There by Pregnancy after miscarriage is bit tough.

Exercising, a minor fall, or sexual intercourse does not characteristically cause a miscarriage. The fetus is well protected by the mother’s bones and muscle as well as by the amniotic fluid in which it floats. There is also no evidence that conceiving while taking birth control pills increases the risk of miscarriage. Becoming pregnant while using an IUD, though, does make you more likely to miscarry or develop an infection.

Another benefit of letting your periods re-establish is that you will know when you definitely are pregnant. This helps date the pregnancy, and allows you to recognize that an embryo is developing within a few weeks of conception, so you take the best care of yourself and your little one.

Once you have a positive pregnancy test, your doctor or midwife will help you to be certain this pregnancy is OK. Women who have previously miscarried often want the reassurance of hearing the heartbeat or seeing it on ultrasound as early as likely.

Early Signs of a Miscarriage

Common early miscarriage symptoms include:

· Vaginal bleeding (can be light or heavy, constant or irregular)

· Abdominal, pelvic, or lower back pain

· The passage of tissue through the vagina

· Fever

· Fatigue

· Nausea

Signs of a Late Miscarriage

Late miscarriage symptoms are often similar to those experienced by women who suffer a miscarriage during their first trimester. Bleeding or cramping during the later stages of pregnancy may be the sign of a late miscarriage, pre-term labor, or placental abruption, so it is important to report these problems to your doctor as soon as likely to have them checked out.

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