Pregnancy Beauty Boosters

Of course, pregnancy period is not that of unbounded joy alone. You are certainly anxious and undergo lot of physical and mental stress. But, the privileges enjoyed by pregnant women from their family members often make them lethargic. Just think, when was the last time you cut your hair and nails? It is really bad if you cannot remember when. Taking care of yourself is the basic requisite for taking proper care of your baby. If you can not take care of your body, how can you be a reliable mother? If you look better to yourself, you are sure to feel better as well.

Regarding your hair, it is better to opt for an easy to maintain short hair cut. A proper conditioning and a nice trim is all that your hair needs to look neat. You are likely to feel hot even when it is not too warm. Ponytails are the best type of hair pattern that suits pregnant women.

Make sure that your nails are also neat. You can treat yourself with a manicure and if your body allows, with a pedicure as well. It is always advisable to keep your nail ends rounded. The eagle-like pointed nail ends might do disasters on your itchy bloated tummy and is also not good for those nappy changes. Moreover, your newborn baby’s soft skin is also likely to get minor scratches from your pointed nails.

A massage is also good, both for your skin and mind. If you find it uneasy to go to a spa, why not make your partner roll his sleeves up and do it for you? Ask him to knead your tension away by gently pressing your hands and feet with appropriate oil such as sandal or lavender. Natural-skin soothing stuffs that suit your skin type like yogurt, honey, oatmeal, limejuice etc can also be applied.


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