Pregnancy First Weeks

Pregnancy first weeks # 1 – You started your period on the first day of this week. The last period you will have for at least the next nine or ten months. Some women, especially those who choose to breastfeed exclusively, may not have another period for a year and a half!

Pregnancy first weeks # 2 – It seems odd to begin counting the weeks of your pregnancy with your last menstrual period, however, most women are not conscious of the day they ovulate, much less the day they conceive their baby. Since most can remember the day their period started, it makes a very clear starting point for determining the due date for your upcoming birth.

Pregnancy first weeks # 3 – Remember that your due date is just an estimate! The average pregnancy last 40 weeks. Most women deliver their babies between 38 and 40 weeks from the first day of their last period.

Pregnancy first weeks # 4 – If you are hoping or planning to become pregnant now is the time to begin improving your diet and adding vitamins supplements such as folic acid and iron.

From conception to birth, a woman’s body undertakes the most amazing process of fertilization, implantation and the development and growth of her baby (or babies). Her body is her baby’s home for the next nine months (or around 40 weeks) and the experience of pregnancy becomes a journey of many new physical sensations. Whether this is your first, second, third (or more) pregnancy, your body will react differently to each individual pregnancy.

During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (also known as the ‘1st trimester’ ), a woman’s body changes to provide a nurturing and protective environment for her baby in which to grow and develop. These changes can be obvious or quite subtle. In many cases, the signs only become clearer in retrospect, after the pregnancy is confirmed. (In other words, “That is why I’ve been feeling so sick or tired!”). Many women will not know they are pregnant until their menstrual period is quite a few weeks overdue. Others will begin to wonder if they could be pregnant, soon after their period is missed. A few will feel they know they are pregnant, even before missing a period, because they feel ‘unusual’, have a hunch, or suspect that something is different.

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