Pregnancy Stages

After the joy of discovering that you are pregnant, sure sufficient, you want to know precisely what you can expect to feel during the pregnancy stages.

You are anxious about how you will handle each pregnancy stages. You have heard a lot about the pregnancy trimesters – so what precisely happens during these stages of pregnancy development?

It will be a great thought to keep a pregnancy journal – to track pregnancy weekly developments – later you’ll love to read about how you coped with the different stages of pregnancy – it will also be a valuable record to keep. How about counting a picture of pregnancy stage against each entry? Now, you will be able to keep track of your body and what you feel. What about your baby? Pass on to the pregnancy calendar to help you know in detail what that precious life inside you is up to! This weekly pregnancy calendar tells you about the developments that your baby is experiencing during each pregnancy week.

The first pregnancy stage brings with it quite a few changes. During the first trimester pregnancy symptom include dissimilarity in your breasts, exhaustion, nausea and you might need to rush to the bathroom often. And you know what? Your baby stage during pregnancy, that is, the first trimester will actually show a heartbeat and moving tiny limbs! During the second month, that is, pregnancy seven weeks, your baby will have a face and start developing various vital organs. To ensure that everything goes well, make sure that you maintain a healthy pregnancy diet and exercise.

During the second trimester your baby continues to grow inside you. And by the end of pregnancy week 16 he or she has a strong heart beat, and develops fine body hair.

When you reach the 3rd trimester pregnancy stage, you might want to consider taking childbirth and breastfeeding lessons. By pregnancy week 35, your baby and you will get ready for that pregnancy due date – by now you will be recognizable with the pregnancy calculator. There are many online pregnancies due date calculators that help you keep track. You can also use a Pregnancy Wheel, a pregnancy calendar which helps you know when you are most likely to conceive, suitable time for tests and your pregnancy due date.

Now is also the time to prime your partner about the accountability of being a father – and enjoy the pleasure of being a family!

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