Qualities of a personal trainer

The academic brilliance of a personal trainer will be certified by his graduation in Exercise Physiology or Kinesiology from a recognised sports or exercise council. Advanced degrees are testimonials of his familiarity with the latest trends and efficiency standards in the fitness industry. However, while selecting a personal trainer you will have to look for certain other qualities as well.

Close observation skills stand foremost among them. He needs to watch each of his trainees in order to rectify their technique errors. He has to perform the function of a warning alarm in case of over exertion. He also has to keep the gym premises under his scrutiny in order to avoid dangers and ensure safety. A good personal trainer will certainly seek medical help when injuries occur. He will always act by keeping in mind that he is a trainer and not a doctor to prescribe diet and treat bruises or pain. However, quality trainers can effectively contribute to the precise diagnosis of the particular physical irregularity as they have been closely monitoring the victim for long.

It is the sign of an excellent trainer to adjust ‘programming combination’ according to the specific goal of his client. The various components of programming include cardiovascular endurance, strength training, flexibility, weight control and sports specificity (skill acquisition, speed and coordination). An effective evaluation of the current fitness statistics by the trainer on a regular basis will help his trainees in understanding how near they are to their set goals. Symptoms and signs of physical exhaustion never escape a true trainer’s eyes and they will be the first to remind their clients of a medical check up. A good trainer shows the patience to let time prove whether the fitness products introduced in the market are worth the money spent on them. While choosing your trainer do see to it that he is a man of experience who is gifted with effective interpersonal communication skills. He should be a tutor, a friend, a guide, a motivator and a person with reliable organisational abilities.

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