Reasons for cracked lips

Dry and cracked lips are sure to put you down however hard you try to hide them. Moreover, they are extremely painful. Though part of the skin, lips do not produce any natural oils for self-defence. So, lips need to be supplied with external soothing oils in order to protect them.

Dry lips are characterised by symptoms such as frequent lip licking, flaky skin, bleeding from the lip sides, open sores and pain. A wide variety of reasons can cause this trouble. Climate change is the most prominent reason. Extreme weather conditions can result in cracked lips. In severe cold weather, lips get dried out and in extreme hot climate it gets dehydrated.

Direct exposure to sunlight can also damage your lips. If you find your lips tanned, realise that they are hurt. Constant exposure to strong winds also cause harm to unprotected lips.

Dehydration is yet another reason for cracked lips. If your body does not get adequate amount of water your lips get cracked. Lip cracks are one of the early signals given out by the body to let you know about the water deficiency it experiences. That is why doctors ask cracked lipped people to drink lots of water.

Anything that comes into contact with the lips might be the reason for its damage. Chain smokers and tobacco chewers are likely to suffer from cracked lips menace. Similarly, spicy food also might crack your lips. Vitamin deficiencies also might lead to unhealthy lips. Lips might also get hurt as a side effect of certain medications. Any history of skin disorder can also be the reason for severe lip cracks.

If you cannot associate the problem with any of these reasons, then you had better consult a doctor. Cracked lips also owe their origin to seemingly unrelated ailments such as diabetes, fatigue, frequent urination etc. Cracked lips might also point to certain sexually transmitted diseases including those transmitted by HIV.


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