Reasons for Male Infertility

Did you come to terms with the bitterest and the most frustrating of facts that you have ever heard in your life? Of course, the words ‘it’s the man that has the problem and not the woman’ must have drained away whatever little energy you might have had in you. But, the problem is not as severe as you imagine it to be. In the modern world of natural supplements and advanced medical procedures, male infertility gets cured in most cases.

Approximately, thirty percent of couples are childless due to problems with the male factor. The reasons for sterility vary from man to man. Asthenospermia is the most common among them. It is the condition in which the sperm cells move slower than normal. In certain cases, sperm refuses to move at all. Low Sperm Count, another common reason for male infertility can be rectified unless it is due to blockage. It may either be due to the
deficiency of nutrients or due to the increased use of things that causes excessive testicular heat.
Hot tubs, tight clothing etc are examples.

Azoospermia occurs when the sperm cells are absolutely absent in the semen. This situation generally results from some blockage in the system. That condition in which one of the testes is not positioned properly in the scrotum is termed as Cryptorchidism. The presence of blood in semen is yet another reason for infertility. This is medically referred to as Hematospermia. Decreased levels of the gonadotropins hormones – FSH and LH, results in a condition called Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadis. This results in testicular dysfunction.

Necrospermia another cause for sterility is due to the presence of dead sperms in the semen. Pyospermia occurs when white cells are present in semen. This results in an infection that can be cured by treatment. Retrograde Ejaculation is yet another reason. It happens when the semen is blasted back into the bladder instead of going out of the penis. Testicular Torsion happens when the testes twists on themselves. In that case they get deprived of proper blood supply and results in Testicular Torsion. The collection of varicose veins in the scrotum also might lead to infertility.

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