Reiki massage

Reiki can be defined as innocent yet powerful system of energy that heals the body. The Reiki is generally done using hands and there is something called ‘remote healing’ that allows person to transform life sitting anywhere in the world! The Reiki works on the body, soul, mind, emotions and spirituality. The science is said to release blocked energy and to promote relaxation by reducing the stress. Reiki is basically a Japanese word that means “Universal life energy”. The history of this science is exciting and reads thousands of years back.

The Reiki massage is based on ancient Tibetan Buddhist techniques that were rediscovered in the mid eighteen century by a Dr Mikao Usui who was a professor of theology at a Christian Seminary in Kyoto, Japan. Interestingly, the story begins when Jesus Christ healed people using his holy hands. Reiki has a natural intelligence and can travel wherever it is required for any body. The science helps cleansing the body from toxins and other unwanted harmful materials. Reiki, unlike other medical sciences also works on trees, animals, and even on machines! Over the times, Reiki can power up intuition, meditation and personal spiritual capacity.

The Reiki massage has been used to help patients managing the tenderness and increasing their quality of overall living. Reiki massage quite differs from normal massage since here, the practitioner doesn’t need to knead or manipulate the tissue or muscle of the massage receiver rather giver’s hands are to be stilled. The energy of healer is sent through the micro invisible channels to the desired person who seeks healing.
The magic of Reiki massage lies in its positioning and comfortableness. The Reiki master does not do anything that makes receiver feel awkward. The recover remains completely clothed, as it is not required for them to be in skin-to-skin contact! Reiki massage can even be done sending energy to broken bones or fatal traumas those are covered by any plasters or bandages! To appreciate the concept of Reiki massage one requires an open mind since the technique is not backed by any authentic theory or scientific data. During a session of Reiki, one cannot expect seeing the energy transfer with naked eyes, as Reiki massage doesn’t work in this way. It is definitely invisible energy force that Reiki master transfer to ill person.


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