Remedies for Laryngitis

Laryngitis is a common medical condition that affects your voice box (larynx). This irritation can be caused by speaking too much, especially with your voice raised. Or, it can be caused by an infection such as from a cold, the flu or bronchitis

Possible All-level Causes of Laryngitis

– Too angry to speak
– Fear of speaking up
– Resentment of authority

Remedies for laryngitis tip 1 – Apple cider vinegar for laryngitis a folk remedy from Vermont uses one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to half glass of water, taken every hour for seven hours.

Remedies for laryngitis tip 2 – Throat Coat Tea – This was by far the most popular Remedy! A vocal teacher recommended that a singer that has a gig start early with bottled water – insert a “Singers Tea” bag into lukewarm water (NOT COLD!!) and sip on it all day. It looks a little odd – but will work wonders to hydrate those sensitive vocal chords.

Remedies for laryngitis tip 3 – Colloidal Silver is a broad spectrum, natural antibiotic with anti-oxidant effects and is an excellent natural remedy for Laryngitis.

Remedies for laryngitis tip 4 – Choose cough drops wisely. Avoid mint and mentholated products, which are too drying, says Dr. Feder. Stick with honey–or fruit-flavored soft cough drops instead. But keep in mind that cough drops are basically just candy. They don’t have any healing effect.

Remedies for laryngitis tip 5 – Breathe through your nose. This increases the humidity in your throat. Air in an airliner is very dry (because it is pressurized), so do not breath through your mouth if you are on a plane.

Remedies for laryngitis tip 6 – Helpful herbs include the following: slippery elm plus lemon and honey, which is very soft and soothing on the throat. This is an outstanding help.

Tip 7 – Learn to breathe and speak more correctly, without straining. Stop losing your temper. Gargle a quart of cold water every day.

Licorice Supplements for Sore Throat Relief

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