Remedy for Cystitis

Cystitis is inflammation of the urinary bladder. It is a result of infection, irritation or damage. Cystitis is more common in pregnant women, active women and women after the menopause, but it can occur at any age.

Symptoms of cystitis

– Burning sensations or pain during urination.

– Frequent urination.

– Cloudy and foul-smelling urine.

– Pain directly above the pubic bone.

– Blood in the urine, a common feature and need not cause undue alarm.

– Children under five years of age often have less concrete symptoms, such as weakness, irritability, reduced appetite and vomiting.

Below are some remedies for cystitis

Remedy for cystitis- Drinking a lot of water – Water is very beneficial for the treatment of any disease, and you must drink a lot of water. You must also drink it while you are not suffering from any disease. Drinking water will help your to prevent or relieve urinary tract infections.

Remedy for cystitis -Radish Leaves – Radish leaves juices are very valuable in the overall treatment of cystitis. If you use a cup of the radish leave juice one time a day, you should use it in the morning. Among the best home remedies for cystitis, you will also find Lady’s Fingers. In the treatment of cystitis, Lady’s Fingers are very useful. When taken for the treatment of this disease, a decoction that is created from one hundred grams of lady’s fingers combined with two hundred milliliters of water can be taken two times a day.

Remedy for cystitis – Cystitis treatment using Drumstick Flowers – Fresh juice of the flowers of drumstick is another effective remedy for cystitis. For better results, a teaspoon of the juice, mixed with half a glass of tender coconut water, should be given twice daily. It acts as a diuretic in the treatment of this disease.

Remedy for cystitis – Use of potent soaps and harsh bathing habits have been known to increase the risk of developing an infection.

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