Richie and Madden extend helping hands

The world will certainly be a better place if the ‘haves’ bother to help the ‘have-nots’. The sight of our favourite celebrities utilising their fame, popularity and fortune in order to bring smiles on the faces of their less fortunate fellow-beings is, by no doubt, worthy of applause. Nichole Richie and her rocker baby daddy Joel Madden were spotted the other day as hosting an ice cream social. The funds collected by the couple from the event will go to Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation. The foundation was started by Richie-Madden in last December in order to teach their darling daughter the lessons of generosity.

As for the chance of gifting their daughter, Harlow Winter, with a little sibling, Joel Madden reportedly said; “If it happens, it happens… ” The excited mother Nichole Richie told the press that their little daughter has grown up a bit. The proud “Simple Life” mum added that now Harlow can pull herself to stand up with out help from others. When it comes to her daughter, like all other mommies, Nichole Richie also has got thousand tongues. ‘Mama’ and ‘dada are the two words which Harlow says the most. Apparently, she says ‘dada’ when she is in jovial mood and when it time for her to play. For all her other needs, she says ‘mama’.

Though the foundation was started by Harlow’s parents to make her a part of the community that she shares with others, Harlow seems to realise the halo of popularity that envelops her. However, a celebrity kid, after all, will behave like a celebrity kid even from its tender age. The young star Harlow Winter has started to wave her hands excitedly to everyone, the moment she steps in to a place along with her celebrity parents. Harlow seems to acknowledge how dear she is to the blinking camera eyes around her.


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